Are you considering a civilian deployment experience? Congratulations! Your experience and knowledge are greatly needed!

As a civilian deployee, you will have an extraordinary opportunity to support operations of national interest in locations such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places across the globe. You may find that your professional skills and abilities are not only unique in some of the distant and remote locations to which you’re assigned, but that your contributions are highly and gratefully valued by the communities in which you are working.

What can you gain by volunteering?

  • The opportunity to work and live in a foreign country;
  • Increased pay;
  • The opportunity to experience job and work challenges you will not find in your day-to-day job;
  • The opportunity to make a difference;
  • The opportunity to work alongside our military men and women, and support America’s mission around the globe.

To find out more about the benefits involved in applying as a civilian volunteer, click here.

DOD Employees

DoD employees should apply directly through their DoD Component using the icons below.

WHS/OSD serviced components/agencies

Can apply directly through the WHS DoD-Expeditionary Civilian Workforce (DoD-EC) deployment program. Please click on the WHS icon to apply.

      Washington Headquarters Service

Army Employees

Army Employees Army employees can apply for the DoD-EC via the Army's civilian deployment site. Click on the Army icon and request an APAN account. Once you have an APAN account, search for the AG1CP group (AG1-CP Benefits, Compensation & Deployments), click on the group and request membership. You will then be able to download forms to apply for the DoD-EC program. Send inquiries to

      U.S. army

Air Force Employees

Air Force employees must follow certain protocols before they can apply for a civilian deployment position. Click on the Air Force link to learn about the Air Force requirements.

      U.S. air force

Navy/Marine Employees

Department of Navy (DON), to include Marine Corps, civilians may apply directly to DoD-EC positions posted at At the USAJOBS site in "Keywords" insert "Department of the Navy/Assistant for Administration" AND in "Location" insert EITHER Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and Qatar. For DoD-EC positions, under "Summary" you will see, "You will serve as an XXXXXXXXXX with the Department of Defense Expeditionary Civilian (DoD-EC) Workforce. For additional assistance, email any inquiries to


Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)

DCMA employees interested in applying for the DoD-EC should e-mail DCMA at for further guidance and/or assistance.

Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA)

DoDEA employees interested in applying for the DoD-EC should e-mail DoDEA at
for further guidance and/or assistance.

DFAS Employees

Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) DFAS employees interested in applying for the DoD-EC should e-mail DFAS at
for further guidance and/or assistance.

Defense Health Agency (DHA)

DHA employees interested in the DoD-EC should click on the link below for more information/DHA POCs:

Defense Human Resources Activity (DHRA)

DHRA employees interested in applying for the DoD-EC should e-mail DHRA at
for further guidance and/or assistance

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

DLA employees interested in applying for the DoD-EC should e-mail DLA at for further guidance and/or assistance.

      Defense Logistics Agency

Ministry of Defense Advisors Program (MoDA), GS-13/14/15

The MoDA Program is designed to forge long-term relationships that strengthen a partner country's defense or interior ministry. The program matches senior Department of Defense (DoD) civilians with ministry counterparts in similar functional areas. Selectees must complete a comprehensive and highly tailored 7-week CONUS training course prior to deployment. Training includes advising and mentoring skills, operational readiness, personal security, as well as history, coulture, and language training. Instruction is reinforced by engagement scenarios using native speaking role players. DoD employees interested in MoDA may review the postions and application instructions shown under the Needed Positions. Employees who want to learn more about MoDA can contact the office at:

If your Service/agency is not shown above e-mail the DoD-EC Program Office at and we will provide you a point of contact.


This website will be used to provide policy information and updates.

Effective FY19, the program has changed to DoD Expeditionary Civilians (DoD-EC), formerly the CEW. Inquiries on deployment opportunities should be directed to your employing agency. The International/Expeditionary Policy Office (IEPO) will continue to serve as the policy office for the DoD-EC.