Center of Excellence

The information is intended to assist personnel at all levels to enhance the mission readiness and success of DoD civilian employees who are interested or have been selected to fill a DoD expeditionary requirement.

The information will serve as a guide for DoD civilian personnel and will provide the necessary steps required to carry personnel from their home station to their final expeditionary destination.

It is a compilation of resources, tools, lessons learned, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and additional useful information.

The information does not supersede existing regulations or policies, nor does it negate the need for personnel to be properly trained and knowledgeable of regulatory and safety standards.

This website will be used to provide policy information and updates.

Effective FY19, the program has changed to DoD Expeditionary Civilians (DoD-EC), formerly the CEW. Inquiries on deployment opportunities should be directed to your employing agency. The International/Expeditionary Policy Office (IEPO) will continue to serve as the policy office for the DoD-EC.