DOD Onboarding Resource Portal

The DOD Onboarding Resource Portal provides tools for integrating and acculturating new employees, as well as those transferred and promoted into the organization with resources and knowledge to become successful and productive.


Why an Onboarding Resource Portal?

  • To help new employees, transfers and those promoted to get up to speed quickly
  • To equip them with the information they need to excel at their jobs and creates a sense of commitment to the organization
  • To increase employee engagement and employee retention
  • To improve employee performance and accelerate time-to-productivity

Who Benefits from Onboarding?

New Employees/Transfers/Promoted

  • Builds Core Competencies/Adapt to Culture/Leadership Skills

  • Team and people building skills
  • Communicate job responsibilities and core values
  • High expertise in the performance management system and performance appraisal process
  • Develops performance plans that set performance expectations
  • Positive and constructive feedback on professional and personal development areas

  • Help define the profession and explain the organizational culture
  • Integrates employee into the organization
  • Motivates, coaches, and leads

  • Help employees, learn, grow and become more effective in their jobs
  • For effective ready-to-use mentoring resources, please refer to the DOD Mentoring Resource Portal

How Does the Organization Benefit from Onboarding?

It positively impacts all organization levels.

  • Increases employee engagement
  • Improves current employee morale
  • Prevents future spending on re-recruiting and re-training
  • Reduces new hire turnover
  • Establishes a high-performance culture
  • Helps to orient employees to organizational values and strategic goals
  • Contribution to mission
The DOD Onboarding Resource Portal is composed of guides, tip sheets, checklists, and templates designed to equip new employees, as well as those transferred and promoted, supervisors, and sponsors with a variety of onboarding information to enhance high-performing organizations with a comprehensive strategic approach to integrating and acculturating new employees.

What is the relationship between Onboarding and Performance Management?

  • Strategically links DOD mission, organizational goals, and employee performance
  • Emphasizes continuous two-way communication, recognition, and reward
  • Ongoing performance feedback and dialogue throughout the appraisal period
  • Development of individual development plans/performance assistance plans designed to provide employees, training, counseling, and mentoring.
  • Supervisor-employee trustpoint interactions and behaviors which includes the perspective that supervisor and employee are in a performance “partnership” bearing complementary responsibility and mutual accountability for individual and organizational performance.
  • Familiarization with the concepts inherent in “managing up” and having the employee develop skills and confidence in helping develop the supervisor.
Be sure to explore the documents and resources listed at the New Beginnings, Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program for more information. A number of useful sources are available for viewing or download to include:

Onboarding Roles

  • New Employees/Transfers/Promoted: The role as an employee in a performance management culture is to work towards achieving individual goals, which help the organization reach its objectives.
  • Supervisors: A good supervisor places a high priority on coaching employees. Good coaching involves working with employees to establish suitable goals, action plans and time lines. The supervisor delegates and also provides ongoing guidance and support to the employee as they complete their action plans.
  • Sponsors: A sponsor is responsible for helping the employee get settled into the organization, their workplace, and the local area. It is beneficial to be available to answer questions or find someone who can; offer suggestions and advice about the organization and local area; and be available to help the new employee find their way around at work
  • Mentors: A mentors role requires highly developed active listening skills and quality meeting settings. It also requires establishing a trusting and open communication with the employee.

Onboarding Toolkit/Resources/Links

New Beginnings Left Panel

This section provides DOD Agencies/Components with complete ready-to-use resources to reinforce effective onboarding programs.

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