DOD Managerial and Supervisory (M&S) Training Program

Section 1113 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010 and Title 5 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Subpart B, §412.202 require DoD to establish programs to provide training for supervisors and managers: (a) within one year of initial appointment; (b) at least once every three years thereafter.


Definitions for Classification and Coding - Quick References

(Note: Please defer to your Human Resources advisors on classification guidance appropriate for your managerial and supervisory population).

DoD M&S Training Program Authoritative Legal Citations

Title 5 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 412, Subsection 202

  • § 412.202 Systematic training and development of supervisors, managers, and executives. All agencies must provide for the development of individuals in supervisory, managerial and executive positions, as well as individuals whom the agency identifies as potential candidates for those positions, based on the agencies' succession plans. Agencies also must issue written policies to ensure they:
    1. Design and implement leadership development programs integrated with the employee development plans, programs, and strategies required by 5 CFR 410.201, and that foster a broad agency and Government-wide perspective;
    2. Provide training within one year of an employee's initial appointment to a supervisory position and follow up periodically, but at least once every three years, by providing each supervisor and manager additional training on the use of appropriate actions, options, and strategies to:
    1. Mentor employees;
    2. Improve employee performance and productivity;
    3. Conduct employee performance appraisals in accordance with agency appraisal systems; and
    4. Identify and assist employees with unacceptable performance.
    1. Provide training when individuals make critical career transitions, for instance from non-supervisory to manager or from manager to executive. This training should be consistent with assessments of the agency's and the individual's needs.
Pub.L. 111-84, National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010 (NDAA 2010), Section 1113 (page 788-791) 7117(a)(1)
  • (c) Criteria for Use of New Personnel Authorities. In establishing any new performance management and workforce incentive system under subsection (a) or utilizing appointment flexibilities under subsection (b), the Secretary shall … (3) provide for adequate training and retraining of supervisors, managers, and employees in the implementation of such as system.
(d) Development of Training Program for Supervisors.
(1) the secretary shall develop
(A) Program to provide training to supervisors on use of the new authorities provided in this section, including the actions, options, and strategies a supervisor may use in:
(i) developing and discussing relevant goals and objectives with the employee, communicating and discussing progress relative to performance goals and objectives and conducting performance appraisals,
(ii) mentoring and motivating employees and improving employee performance and productivity,
(iii) fostering a work environment characterized by fairness, respect, equal opportunity, and attention to the quality of the work of employees,
(iv) effectively managing employees with unacceptable performance,
(v) addressing reports of a hostile work environment, reprisal, or harassment of or by another supervisor or employees, and
(vi) otherwise carrying out the duties and responsibilities of a supervisor
(B) A program to provide training to supervisors on the prohibited personnel practices under section 2302, employee collective bargaining and union participation rights, and the procedures and processes used to enforce employee rights; and
(C) A program under which experienced supervisors mentor new supervisors by
(i) Sharing knowledge and advice in areas such as communication, critical thinking, responsibility, flexibility, motivating employees, teamwork, leadership, and professional development; and
(ii) Pointing out strengths and areas for development
(2) Each supervisor shall be required to complete a program at least once every 3 years.

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