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Case Submissions

Agency EEO Offices should submit all NEW complaints electronically using the Investigations and Resolutions Case Management System (IRCMS).

For new users, please visit the IRCMS webpage at: Enabled to register for an IRCMS account.

You are also encouraged to reference the Customer's User's Guide which is also downloadable for your convenience. The guide will provide step-by-step instructions for submitting, tracking, and searching cases, and it provides additional helpful tips and information regarding IRCMS.

For more information on policies, procedures, and responsibilities for investigating Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Complaints, click
DOD Instruction 1400.25 Vol 1614.

IR-Intake Services Team:

FAX Number: 571-372-2090

Submitting Documents for Investigation

a. Pursuant to EEO-MD-110 (August 5, 2015, Chapter 6 (VII) and Appendix L, the Commission requires EEO complaint files be electronic format and must be in searchable PDF format (Adobe image over text). All docuuments submitted to IR should comply with MD-110. All documents should be legible and dark enough to photocopy/print. Only 8 1/2 X 11-inch Adobe formatted documents may be used. Ensure digital signatures are visible on submitted documents. Summary data must be authenticated by its authorizing source. Questions about the submission of documents should be addressed to the IR Intake Services Office .

b. Some documents are required for every request for investigation, as identified below in "Formal Complaint Documents for Processing."

c. The lists in "Recommended Documentation" below are intended as guides to facilitate timely and thorough investigations of formal EEO complaints. The lists are not inclusive, and all of the documents identified may not be required in every investigation. There are not lists for every conceivable claim and all documents identified for a particular claim may not be required in each investigation. Also, for some claims, more than one list should be used. For example, if the accepted claim is hostile work environment and ongoing harassment based on disability, and one of the incidents of the alleged harassment pertains to a management-directed detail, another pertains to a performance rating and another pertains to denial of leave, then appropriate data items from four separate lists (Harassment, Detail/Reassignment - Management-Directed, Time and Attendance and Disability) should be used. Some lists, like those for Harassment and Security Clearances, should be used in conjunction with other lists.

In certain circumstances, other data may be relevant, such as performance evaluations, disciplinary actions, attendance records, grievances and their dispositions, or other information pertinent to specific allegations in the complaint.

d. Questions can be directed to IR Intake Services Office , or to the EEO Investigator (once assigned).

Customer's IRCMS User's Guide

The Investigations and Resolutions Case Management System (IRCMS) tracks requests for civilian EEO investigations and mediations submitted by EEO representatives across the Department of Defense (DoD). Submitted requests are investigated and mediated by personnel from the Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service (DCPAS), Investigations and Resolutions. The IRCMS user community is comprised of EEO representatives from DoD components and agencies, and Investigations and Resolutions personnel. The IRCMS User Guide provides detailed instructions on requesting accounts, requesting investigations, uploading documents, and tracking on-going investigations and mediations.

IRCMS's Customer User's Guide CAC Enabled

Formal Complaint Documents Required for Initial Request

  1. Request for Investigation Form (IRCMS Case page)
  2. Formal Complaint (plus documents submitted by complainant and, if any, complainant’s request(s) to amend)
  3. Counselor’s Report (plus documents generated in the informal inquiry)
  4. Notice of Rights and Responsibilities
  5. Notice of Final Interview/Notice of Right to File
  6. Notice of Receipt
  7. Notice of Acceptance (and, if any, Agency documents related to clarification of claim and/or acceptance letter for amendments)

Recommended documents, can be uploaded separately

  1. Documents related to attempts at informal resolution
  2. EEOC/MSPB Decisions and Attachments (if applicable)
  3. Data/Documentation/Evidence
  4. Miscellaneous material/documents/correspondence

See instructions to upload Data/Docs and Amendments also step-by-step can be found in IRCMS User’s Guide.
Note: Documents are to be combined as one case file in PDF format.

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