One of IR's biggest challenges is assisting in the timely processing of Equal Employment Opportunity complaints. This is especially important with the passage of the NO FEAR Act, which requires Federal agencies to publicly post information on complaint processing times.

Resolution of complaints is not only a major factor in improving timeliness, it results in substantial monetary savings and increased productivity. Resolution:

– Avoids costs of protracted litigation
– Reinforces and fosters positive communication and    productivity
– Increases work force understanding and commitment.

IRD stands ready to support your ADR efforts and can serve as active members of your resolution team. Through ADR efforts, IRD routinely settles well over 50% of the cases mediated, which avoids the parties engaging in protracted litigation, returns the parties focus to the mission and substantially reduces costs for all parties involved. With a successful mediation, our full time mediation staff closes out cases in under 90 days, well under the required 180 days. Early ADR efforts are one of IRD’s highest priorities. Our goal is to have customers request mediation in 50% of formal cases submitted and to become increasingly involved in mediation of informal complaints as well. In order to meet this challenge, we need to hear from you.

IR will provide mediators for both formal as well as informal EEO complaints. IR’s certified neutral mediators lead participants through clear, proven procedures, resulting in respectful joint communication, mutual understanding and self-determined outcomes. Our flexible step-by-step mediation model is premised on the best industry-wide practices and widely hailed by participants. A typical mediation session lasts approximately four hours (but can be much shorter or last much longer, depending on the parties and/or issues) and ensures both parties listen to each other with an opportunity to share confidential information with the mediator, as desired. Primary terms within Negotiated Settlement Agreements are naturally developed by the parties and the mediator will work with the EEO Office point of contact to coordinate the overall agreement prior to finalization.

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All requests for Mediation are made through Investigations and Resolutions Case Management System (IRCMS)

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